Today Andy shows off Vine and explains how you can use it to help build brand awareness.

Video Transcription

Good morning everybody. I just wanted to talk a little bit about vine. It’s the new Instagram like app for videos. So people, brands, companies, whatever it might be can take six second videos, post them, and it streams through just like Instagram does where you can see other peoples videos or you can create your own. I’m actually going to go ahead and take a quick little video of our camera guy. He’s waving at me right now and then I’m going to post that to Vine so all of my followers can see. And then you can quickly see that video right here and now in six seconds I was able to shoot a quick video of Tony.

The cool thing that you can do as a brand is being able to so all sorts of things. Promote job postings, products or whatever it might be. We created another video that was running through all of our different portfolio items that you can see here. So just by touching the screen very quickly and change our portfolio items we are able to do stop animation to show off those different pieces. It’s a pretty cool technology that if you want to get something entertaining out there about your products, your company, you know show the life inside the business or whatever it might be it’s a great little tool that you can use. So if you’re not using Vine, download the app and give it a try today.


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