SaaS Statistics Infographic 2021


If you are a SaaS company, explore statistics to help you understand the trends in spend by small, medium & enterprise businesses.

What Is MRR


The simple answer is that MRR is your Monthly Recurring Revenue and one of the key metrics that SaaS companies use to evaluate success.

SEO Ranking Factors


Search Optimization GuideSEO Ranking FactorsWhat criteria influence your search rank? Find out below.What are ranking factors?Google and other search engines have algorithms and systems that constantly scour the internet to determine where sites should rank.Often results are determined real-time when someone searches, but there are factors that search engines have already measured for your site […]

2016 Business Development Poll


What business development resolution will you keep this year? Discover what areas of focus other businesses see as priorities to expedite growth, and share your opinion. We want to know what you think. Let’s grow together.

Build A Sales Portals for Killer Closing


Sales portals can significantly help improve the sales process and give you extremely valuable insight during a sales process. Sales portals can be as simple as a password protected page with key links that allows you to track people who login. It could be an online proposal that gives you the ability to embed galleries, […]

The (re)Birth of Virtual Reality


Virtual reality still seems far away, like a concept out of bad 90’s science fiction, but the genre has always been anchored by two premises: 1), the material uses exotic characters, locations, and technology to tell us something about contemporary life, and 2), there is an underlying scientific basis and plausibility that can predict future behavior or […]

User Experience and Web Design


Regarding your company’s website, one of the most important variables to control for is the user’s experience. It can be argued that the customer experience is the end game, and how they fundamentally evaluate your brand. Whether you sell products or offer services, your customer’s experience is ultimately what they remember, and what they share […]

Striking a Balance In Marketing and Content Strategy

Article in Agile Marketing

Conflict. The word has a negative connotation, though totally undeserved. Without conflict we would have no growth or change in drama, and in turn no cinema, theater, or literature. As much as we claim to hate conflict in the day-to-day grind, and go to great lengths to avoid it, conflict certainly adds color to our life. Life […]

What is a 301 Redirect?


Have you ever bookmarked a website page, forgot about it, and then tried to visit it again months later only to find that the link no longer works? It’s likely that you ran into a problem because the owner of the website changed domain names, but failed to use a 301 redirect to make sure […]